Professional Soccer Tryouts in Europe

We are giving talented players the opportunity to tryout in the big leagues of European professional soccer.

We are connected to some of the biggest names and most famous clubs in world soccer.  Over the past years we have been sending MLS champions, USL, PDL, NPSL, former high school, and NCAA college players to tryout with professional clubs in Germany and Spain.

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La Liga Tryouts, Primeira Division Spain, 1st Division Tryouts in Spain and Europe that we arranged.

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German Bundesliga Tryouts, Pro Soccer Tryouts in Germany, Professional Soccer Tryouts in Germany, Spain, and Europe that we arranged.

About Being an American Going on Professional Soccer Tryouts in Europe

USA/American soccer players are unique.  We grow up with many other major sports available to us and soccer is relatively new to the United States, so there are some special things American’s need to know and do in order to prepare.

All of our players have either signed contracts or received offers to play, but the consensus has been that there is a steep learning curve when transitioning from American soccer to professional soccer in Europe and all of the players needed a pre-season, pre-tryout training camp to prepare them for the higher level of soccer in Europe so they can be at the same level as their European competition when they arrive and not need to play “catch-up”, ride the bench, or get injured due to lack of fitness or lack of preparation.

Along with our own combined 200 years of experience playing professionally, trying out, and training with some of the top clubs in Europe, Brazil, and the USA, it has been a two decade long learning experience to find out what works and what doesn’t work in order for an American player to easily and successfully transition to professional soccer overseas.

Luckily for you our team has spent the last 20-30 years traveling all over world. All of the hard work and experimentation has been done for you. We know what works and what doesn’t work. We know what you will have to do in order to perform at your best to make your dreams come true. And we have the connections you need.

Don’t repeat the same mistakes we did. Take this golden opportunity to learn from our mistakes and let us guide you.  Let us pass on the information to you and get you where you deserve to be.

Professional soccer tryouts in Europe

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Our Global Soccer Network

We are not working alone to evaluate and connect you with the best professional teams and professional training for you.  We work with a network of his friends, former clubs, teammates, and coaches to bring the highest level of professional soccer training and tryouts to you.  Our network includes:  Sebastião Lazaroni (former Brazilian World Cup head coach), Alexandre (former player for Santos FC, Sao Paulo FC, Necaxa), K.H. Precht (German agent), R. Schult, Juliano (former goalkeeper for Uniao Sao Joao EC in the Brazilian 1st division), Marcos Borges (former Newell’s Old Boys and Brazilian 1st division player), Careca (former Brazil World Cup star), Carlito Macedo (current Flamengo assistant coach), Wilson (former Sao Paulo FC and Internacional player), Manoel Maria (former Santos FC and Brazil star), Andre Alves (current Santos FC coach), Aarao Alves Dos Santos (current Santos FC coach),  Pepito (Pele’ Company representative), Balu (former Cruzeiro and Brazil National Team player), Toninho Cecilho (former Palmeiras manager, former Palmeiras captain and Brazil National Team player), Neymar Sr. (former Paulista FC player and father of Neymar Jr.), Santos FC, CR Flamengo, AA Portuguesa, Paulista FC, Uniao Sao Joao EC, FC Waengi, FC Wil, CSV Bochum, VfL Wolfsburg, AC Milan, Manchester United, VfL Osnabrueck, Red Bull Germany & Austria, Arminia Bielefeld, Borussia Dortmund, FC Bayern Munich, FC Barcelona, Real Madrid, Getafe CF, and many more…

Jordan Older's Global Soccer Network

Note:  Players are not able to chose the teams they tryout for.  The above listed teams are shown to represent only a small part of our personal world-wide soccer connections.  Many factors go into deciding if a player can play professionally and which teams will offer tryouts.

Wouldn’t you like instant access to this kind of impossible to replicate global professional soccer network?  We didn’t even list the MLS teams we can directly call at any time.

Terms of Service Contract

Citizenship – To tryout with pro clubs in Europe you must have USA or European citizenship (European Economic Area member states only) due to work permit and Visa restrictions and you must be playing at the college or professional level and be at least 18 years old.

Pre-season Training Camp – Depending on your current fitness and level of play a 1-6 month attendance at our pre-season training camp in Southern California is absolutely required before we will send you on any tryouts. The training camp will let us be sure that you are ready to tryout against some of the top soccer players in the world.  The player is required to pay for all of his own training fees, travel, room & board, and other expenses.

Agent Representation and Loss of College Eligibility – Players will be required to sign an exclusive agent representation agreement with us and they will loose all college eligibility.  You are not allowed to be signed-with or working-with any other agents.

Travel and Equipment Fees – The player is responsible for his own travel, housing, food, transportation, equipment costs and fees related to participating in activities related to our service.  The player understands that travel  to and from Europe and room/board is expensive and that they have the necessary funds to buy their own airplaine tickets, hotel, food, taxi, rental car, and other travel related fees themselves.  We do not provide scholarship or financial support of any kind to players.

Right of Refusal – We reserve the right to refuse services to anyone for any reason.  Not all players who apply will be selected.  We have our own opinions and methods for selecting players to assist.  If you are not selected there are many other agents, clubs, and opportunities around the country and world.

Release and Hold Harmless – All players must release and hold us and our friends, associates, associated clubs harmless in case of injury or physical harm incurred during a tryout or travel to or during any tryouts arranged by us.  All players must have their own health insurance that is valid in Europe or in the city/country where the tryout is being held.  All players must undergo a physical examination by current LA Galaxy and US National Team doctor Bert Mandelbaum in Santa Monica, California, or other medical doctor in the United States who is equally qualified and experienced with professional soccer players, before participating in any tryouts or training arranged or provided by us.  Players understand that they participate at their own risk and that professional soccer is a dangerous full-contact activity that can and frequently does cause minor and serious injuries and in some very rare cases even death.  By filling out the below form the player agrees to the terms and requirements on this page.  Players agree not to seek and waive legal rights and release us and our friends, associates, associated clubs from any possible future legal action that may arise from participating in any and all activities related to our service.

Application Form

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